Cocktails, cuisine and bubbles

At Adèsso Hotel love for contemporary gastronomy, both elegantly refined and smart casual, meets the talent that inspires our renowned avant-garde mixologists to create unique cocktails. The dining setting evokes a fascinating retro Italian design, with original items from the 50’s complementing modern elements with superb lighting.
Playing homage to Rome’s quintessential bar mood– meals, coffee breaks and snacks ‘round the clock – the joyful personality of the ACCENTODÌ Cocktail Cucina Bollicina lounge bar serves guests and walk-in customers a vast all-day-dining, while tailor-made catering is available for private events’ attendees. Adèsso Hotel’s culinary experience firmly rests on three pillars: accurate selection of ingredients, passion for detail, meticulous care in preparation that respects local traditions, enhances international food trends and innovates.
Rigth now. Adèsso.

Bistrot Accentodì

  • “All our dishes and cocktails are journeys through taste, along routes of research and discovery that amaze, follow the seasons and exalt the senses. Authentic, meaningful travels can’t however be carried out alone: they stems from a true dialogue with the guests, to understand their needs and satisfy their palates”
    Giovanni, F&B
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